Hot Redemption Blog Tour!!!!!


Hot Redemption Tour Schedule – August 19th  thru September 27th
August 19th  Alphas Authors & Books Oh My * html

August 20  BookEnd 2 BookEnd *
August 20  Rabid Readers Reviews *

August 21  Amazing Books *
August 22  Fallen Over Book Reviews *
August 23  The Phantom Paragrapher *
August 26  Paperrdolls*
August 26  Beauty and the Book *
August 27  Booky Ramblings of a Neurotic Mom
August 28  outlandergone*
August 29  Jill Prand *
August 30  Istyria book blog
September 2  Mommasez…*
September 3  My Bookopolis *
September 2  Pinuccia’s World of Books
September 4  The LUV’NV
September 4  Close Encounters with the Night Kind *
September 5  Sarah Ashley Jones
September 6  Recent Reads
September 9  Redheaded Bookworm *
September 10  Sandwich Making Book Bitches *
September 10  Crazed Bookie
September 11  Novel Words by Jessica *

September 11  Kaidans Seduction *
September 12  Tamara’s One Stop Indie Shop *
September 13  Spoilers, Sweetie
September 16  Fabulous and Fun
September 17  Jessica Loves Books
September 18  Ms. ME28
September 19  Buried Under Books
September 20  Lindsay and Jane’s Views and Reviews
September 21  Scandalous Book Blog
September 23  Inside the Pages of a Book
September 23  Bookmarks, Spoilers and Happily Ever After
September 23  Paranormal Tendencies
September 24  Naughty Bits’ Book Reviews
September 25  Big Girls *Heart* Books
September 25  A Little Bit of R&R
September 26  Home Venn
September 26  The Nightlife Series
September 27  Contagious Reads
September 27  Lovetiggi’s Book Reviews 


Be sure to check all the blogs on this amazing new book from K.D. Penn!!!!


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